Child Sponsorship

Since there are so many needy children in Uganda, we want to get them off the streets of hopelessness as soon as possible. Once in our care the child is fed nourishing meals, given medical attention, clothed and then put into school. From there with guidance from the Holy Spirit the character building process begins.

Each child has a social worker that regularly comes to where the child lives and becomes his or her advocate. This ensures the very best process for bringing out the child’s God given gifts.

Sponsoring a child leads to a lifetime of learning and is a powerful approach to Christian child development. Providing children with a broader view of the world and educating sponsors about the political, social and economical realities of the child. The child-sponsor relationship provides both with an glimpse into how God works around the world and becomes a personal experience of God’s Love.

Learning for Life is a program designed to develop a child from school age to young adulthood. Aiming to prepare each sponsored child with the knowledge and skills required to assume adulthood and becoming a contributor to their communities.

We focus on preparing a child to

  1. Follow Christ in faith and in deed. Trained up in the way they should go, so that they won’t depart from it.
  2. Support themselves and share with others as part of their economic training.
  3. Be a responsible and contributing member of their family, church, community and nation.
  4. Maintain their own physical well-being.

The knowledge and skills a child develops through these activities contribute to their quality of life throughout their entire lifetime. And it all begins with someone sponsoring just one child for $50.00 (US) per month.

Can you change a child’s life today? Sponsor a child now.

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